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More Than a Hunch

Enter, a young freelancer.
Enter, a police detective.
An unsolved case.
Things they learn. About the world. About themselves.

"When you have eliminated the impossible and nothing remains, something improbable must be the truth."

Please stay tuned

Initially I planned to restart the comic... about now, but then a publisher I really wanted to try to pitch for unexpectedly opened up submissions and I decided to concentrate on the pitch instead as the deadline was really tight.
This doesn't mean >Hunch won't be back, it just means we moved to winter re-launch. Rather than starting ASAP my priority is setting up a good schedule and preparing a buffer, so when the comic starts updating the updates will be regular :)

Despite what I said earlier I do want to redraw some parts (?) of the first chapter because I need to change character designs a bit. I have learned a lot in the past 5 years and it would have been foolish not to use that knowledge.

The first time I frantically jumped into making this comic in a desperate attempt not to get drawn away from comicking forever by life. This time I'm planning the journey so I can safely get to the end. I hope you will join me ~<3 :)

[EDIT] I decided against redrawing the chapter; did some retouches on the last three pages on things that were bothering me the most and they should post sometime.. today? (experimenting with the queuing/scheduling of pages)

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