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More Than a Hunch

Enter, a young freelancer.
Enter, a police detective.
An unsolved case.
Things they learn. About the world. About themselves.

"When you have eliminated the impossible and nothing remains, something improbable must be the truth."

May we have May?

Sooo the planned date to resume updates is 1st June. May should also bring the launch of the kickstarter for the huuge amazing anthology of Lady Knights I'm gonna be a part of along with a TON of great artists so please check the news here or on my tumblr

As for the future: for now I am planning to have bi-weekly updates with potentially more pages or additional updates depending on other scheduling circumstances. I still need to research Tapastic's format and policies and possibly move in there in June (additionally to, not instead of here).
I'm considering using a comic-specific twitter but not sure if there is any need for it...
[EDIT]Moved the date a couple of days forward because of dragons... I mean, reasons. Dragon reasons.

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