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More Than a Hunch

Enter, a young freelancer.
Enter, a police detective.
An unsolved case.
Things they learn. About the world. About themselves.

"When you have eliminated the impossible and nothing remains, something improbable must be the truth."

Back in autumn!


I'm actively working on reactivating >Hunch this autumn. The exact dates and schedule are still TBD as it depends on some circumstances.

This is possible due to the fact that I (FINALLY!) changed my job a couple of months ago (from one where I ended up with most responsibility along with our Team Lead and most work while being paid for a normal, lower position... AND we had a crunch for half a year... and apparently now that I left three people are doing what I was doing mostly alone.... o__o) and my trial is ending and they like me and I like them so I guess I'm staying :) This means I can actually schedule my time now <3

I'm not rebooting the comic; I even decided against retouching the first chapter (for now). So we'll be getting back with the second chapter :)

I must admit I'm pretty excited. I want to finally give this project the attention it deserves. I hope the story will be as enjoyable for you as it is for me ~<3

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