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More Than a Hunch

A serial killer case, an ESPer and a policeman, who might learn that both his new consultant and the world are much more queer than he expected.

State of the story

After very long an painful deliberation how to reactivate and schedule >Hunch I have come to conclusion... There is no really feasible way for me to do it in comic form.

My art got better, I do illustrations and paintings much faster and prettier than before. My writing has improved - well enough to be doing both things for a living. What has NOT improved is my comic drawing speed. Not enough.
I will still draw some short comics, whether for anthologies or myself, but a long-term commitment like an unpaid webcomic is just.. out of reach.

It doesn't mean I'm abandoning >Hunch- during the hiatus I have worked on the story, improving it as much as I could - but I will be releasing it as an illustrated webnovel.

The rough plan is to start updating before summer is over, but the details still need to be worked out. When the story is released I will announce it here, on my twitter, tumblr and patreon (

posted by Pedes @ May 17th, 2018, 8:14 pm  -  1 comments

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