More Than a Hunch comic about two people pursuing a possible serial killer and trying to come to terms with their past... and with some facts about the world.
I tend to classify this comic as fantasy-mystery but supernatural thriller might be more appropriate.


#How often do you update?
The comic now updates on 1st of each month, at least until April. After then I will put an update if the form of the updates changes.

I announce updates on my art tumblr and twitter although the latter is full of ME so thread with caution. (If the need arises I will activate my webcomic-only twitter account.)
In the near future I'm also planning to post More Than a Hunch on Tapastic. I will announce that in news and social media.

#Is Michael's surname a nod to Arthur Conan Doyle?
Yes it is! And partially also to Jenn Doyle of Knights Errant fame.

#My question isn't answered here...
You can ask in comments or email