#How often do you update?
I am sorry to say there is no fixed schedule for now though in practice it turns out to be something of a monthly with updates round weekends. I'm aiming for bi-weekly updates, though.

I announce updates on my art tumblr and twitter.
I also publish More Than a Hunch on Inkblazers so if you have an account you may prefer to follow it there. (Either way I recommend checking out the site, it has many amazing comics.)

If you like the comic feel free to comment somewhere; it's much easier to work on new updates knowing that not only your friends and dog read it.
OK, that was a lie, I don't have a dog. I have a pet dragon. He watches me draw the pages. I'm afraid to ask if he likes them. To be honest I am not even sure who is the pet here...

#Is this comic gay?
While I definitely don't want to make it depressing it deals with PTSD and murders so it's definitely not cheerful.