#What kind of comic is this?
I call it my fantasy-mystery comic though it's not exactly that. A thriller? Drama? Think more modern TV adaptations of Sherlock Holmes concentrating rather more on the main characters rather than the original novels. (Also nobody is really Sherlock here, sorry. My characters are broken in different ways.)

#How often do you update?
The comic now updates on 1st of each month, at least until April. After then I will put an update if the form of the updates changes.

I announce updates on my art tumblr and twitter although the latter is full of ME so thread with caution. (If the need arises I will activate my webcomic-only twitter account.)
In the near future I'm also planning to post More Than a Hunch on Tapastic. I will announce that in news and social media.

#Is Michael's surname a nod to Arthur Conan Doyle?
Yes it is! And partially also to Jenn Doyle of Knights Errant fame.

#My question isn't answered here...
You can ask in comments or email piechowiak.art+mth @gmail.com