More Than a Hunch is a fantasy-mystery comic about two people pursuing a serial killer and trying to come to terms with their past... which may include using Extrasensory Perception and other interesting abilities.
And maybe more than two people.

The comic will include dealing with trauma and mental illness so please be mindful of that.

LGBTQ+ characters more than possible.


#How often do you update?
The comic was on long hiatus. Updates are to resume Dec 2016/2017 with schedule TBD

More Than a Hunch will be also updating on Tapastic starting 20th December 2016, fist catching up with the pages already updated here and later will be updated simultaneously.

#Is Michael's surname a nod to Arthur Conan Doyle?
Yes it is! And partially also to Jenn Doyle of Knights Errant fame.

#So you say LGBTQ+?
Well, for one Michael, the main character, is non-binary. This won't come up for some time, though (especially that Michael doesn't care too much whether you use male or neutral pronouns) so I might as well mention it here.
Rule of thumb is, if I make a story people will be queer.