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Update schedule?

It appears that for some reason I work faster when working on more than one page so I'm considering if I could not fix some updating schedule around this (alas this was figured out with pages for another project (http://bb-shousetsu.livejournal.com/74103.html) so I have only one page now).

The next page will appear either tomorrow or on Tuesday and by then I hope to decide whether it would not be better to make some update schedule and update with a batch of pages (or work on batches but update by single page; need to figure it out).

[OK, this was important part, you can skip the rest unless you're uneasy about the updates after what happened to Seclusion Inn]

If you by any chance followed me from Seclusion Inn days - or came here through Seclusion Inn which surprisingly still has some presence (I am keeping More Than a Hunch pretty low profile for now until I have at least 20 pages or are through this and next scene) you might know that comic had some pretty bad baggage for me pretty much since the beginning - and it showed. It showed in the quality of art and writing, it showed in the updates. Now, I'm not making excuses, it was my fault I didn't realize faster I shouldn't have continued it. I should have done something else. But learned from it more about webcomics than I care to admit.
Now what I am trying to say: Seclusion Inn was a mistake from the beginning. It wasn't a story I cared about and it coincided with pretty terrible things happening in my life and to top that I thought that completely changing the way I write would help me improve.
It didn't. The way to improve your writing is to make little challenges to yourself but maintaining your own style and personality.

Now this comic is something I DO care about. It's something that is very me - from the fact that I start with a punch rather than simple introduction to tormenting characters and seeing if/how they come out of it. And I am not hiding I still have a lot of growing in art and graphic narration to do and I intend to use this comic to do this.
This comic is not designed to be a commercial success but as something I want to make interesting, enjoyable and a rewarding experience to anyone who will trust me with their time.

So unless you hear from me about hiatus then, as long as I am alive and capable, the comic WILL continue at least until the end of the first arc/case. If life allows I would be really happy to do the second arc as well.

TL;DR While the updates seem irregular the comic will continue; I thank you for your patience and will love to see you to stay with this comic~!

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