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Shift + illustration

I had some family emergency that shifted the completion of my illustration and thus I think I won't be able to update today; I will do my best but the update will be most likely tomorrow or on Thursday.

In the meantime you can check out the illustration I did (please do, I put so much time in it, I am isane XD) which is the cover for SS*BB magazine: http://bb-shousetsu.livejournal.com/80236.html. This is a BL fiction online mag - this one is artist special with comics - so if this somehow bothers you I would not check out the contents (though in any case I recommend "Winterreise" from this issue; it's nice and sweet regardless of your sexual orientation preferences and SFW).

If you do like BL I would generally recommend checking SS*BB out; it's a great read :D Some really good writers contributed... and there is even my story in one of the older ones (under alias, hehe). I need to warn, though, generally the content is NSFW.
If reading prose is not your thing this Artist Special is the second one; and I do recommend to check out the first one.

If you like the illustration I will submit the textless version to my tumbrl, deviantART and Y!-galleries today when I get back from work (shameless self-promotion, hehe XD). I'm considering making it a print somehow since the file I have is huuuge and maybe there will be some takers...

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