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Merry Christmas!

I live in a Catholic country so we're celebrating Christmas. I want to wish you all Merry Christmas/Solstice/something else you're celebrating/end of 2012.

I am at my parents' house and that means that in the past three days I had barely time to do my own things. I hope today I will be able to work on the page. It is the end of this scene and I hope some things will start making sense now :)

2013 is getting near and I am going to do as much as I can to change some things in my life; and that includes a set schedule for >Hunch. I think it will be easier to read if you know you can come at a certain day and have a new page. I am not delusional enough to hope for a weekly pace and am considering a biweekly updates on set days. I will announce when I figured out the best solution.
Either way I want to finish this scene before the end of the year first.

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