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Due to some technical problems (a.k.a. money and job shortage) I am OPENING COMMISSIONS!

Want an illustration from me? Need a character design? Would you like me to make a sketch for you? Or maybe you have your own lineart but are struggling with toning or coloring it? Contact me by note or at piechowiak.art[@]gmail.com with the subject COMMISSION!
If you want to see what my sketches look like go here: http://p-the-wanderer.tumblr.com/tagged/art

Art examples: htpp://theothertentacle.com/
I am also willing to do draw things that would be not necessarily safe for work or posting on deviantART ;) You can see a couple of examples here (NSFW, obviously) http://sinful-confectionery.tumblr.com/
There are things I won't draw because I don't feel comfortable (E.g. menpreg/inflation porn, bestiality) or i can't guarantee if what I come up with makes any sense (e.g. original concept art of complicated spaceships) but I can be flexible and can work with clear direction+reference so it's always good to ask.

Note: If I can easily tell you are underage I reserve my right to decline drawing erotica/porn for you.

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