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I bet there are people asking themselves "is this comic dead? Why didn't the updates happen regularly as it was promised?

The short version is: I didn't want to die.

The slightly longer version: I didn't want to die. Last year I turned 30 and my stamina is not as it once was. I've spend half a year working (dayjob+drawing) on average 10-12h a day with a day off per fortnight (and that is not counting moving apartments which wasn't the most effortless thing either. I ended up exhausting myself and burning out completely. I've been sick twice in the past two months and exhausted in between. I simply had to take time off drawing/creating, whether I liked it or not.

I am much better now, getting back into creating and trying to come up with a sustainable plan to work on projects while taking care of my mind and body with fancy things like rest, exercise and proper food.

As for the things I've done and can show: I drew a short for 1001 Knights anthology, which will be kickstarted soon. I drew a guest art for Knights-Errant comic: http://sparklermonthly.com/ke/knights-errant-chapter-02-page-074ga2/ .

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